Note: this website is currently NOT run by its former owner Jan Rigter.

I was looking up information on the Hamburger Mattenfilter and several sites referenced the English language resource on the Hamburger Mattenfilter. Unfortunately the original website was no longer online.

To help you find out more about the Hamburger Mattenfilter and how to calculate the necessary flow/sponge mass, I have decided to bring this resource back to life.


Hamburger Mattenfilter original source (in German)
http://www.deters-ing.de/Filtertechnik/Mattenfilter.htm (Google Translate to English)

Hamburger Mattenfilter original source FAQ page (in German)
http://www.deters-ing.de/Filtertechnik/FAQ.htm (Google Translate to English)

The original translation to English (which was published with permission of the original author) was written by Jan Rigter.

It’s the version of the page last seen on 12th February 2015 by the Wayback Machine.

I hope it’s helpful.

Neither myself, the original translator or the original author can provide any further support on the topic of the Hamburger Mattenfilter.

Please ask any questions you may have in online fish keeping forums or group pages on social media.

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